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Reduce waste and help save the planet


What we're all about

At The Greeting Card Recycle Project, we’re on a mission to be kinder to the environment (and save ourselves some cash in the process). And we're doing this by giving greeting cards a second life.

A second life? Let us explain.

How many times do you throw away all the cards you’ve received for a birthday or anniversary? Or spend nearly a fiver buying a birthday card for a 6 year old?

That's a lot of trees. And a lot of money.

Introducing our greeting card recycling packs

From large white stickers that cover the write-y bit, so you can include your own message, to colourful sheets of thick paper that can be made into envelopes to fit any size card: our card recycling packs give you everything you need to reuse your greeting cards and forward the love to somebody else.

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Our greeting card recycling packs Everything you need to reuse your greeting cards including envelope sheets, card labels and envelope stickers

Every pack contains exactly the same: four sheets each of pink stripe, green star, blue zigzag and yellow dot envelope paper. And each envelope sheet can fit a square card up to 16cm and a rectangle card up to 14cm wide.

Plus, there are 15 large card labels and 40 envelope stickers.

Take a look at our videos!

What people are saying

Find out what our customers thought of Card Recycle.

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Love this idea! It’s so easy to do, even for a non-crafty person like me! Kids love reusing the cards. And these packs make great gifts too.


Lyme Regis

I bought these for my niece...she really enjoys re-using her birthday cards - such a great idea!



My daughter made me buy her a pack and I am so pleased that I did - really fab!

Behind the idea

The big idea behind our project

It wasn’t that long ago when taking your own cup to your local coffee shop seemed a bit – well – stingy.

Or asking a shop owner to fill up your water bottle for free was seen as cheeky.

Or when we were embarrassed to admit that our ‘new’ bedside table had been dragged from a skip down the road and upcycled using some eggshell paint and a roller.

Luckily for the environment - and our purses - those days are long gone. Now we’re all into reusing, recycling and repurposing.

So then we thought - why don’t we do the same with cards? In the UK we send over 900 million cards a year. Yep, 900 million. (And that doesn’t even include boxes of Christmas cards.) Think of the ink and the dyes and the paper and the packaging and the glue that’s needed for 900 million cards. And then there’s the fuel and the energy needed for manufacturing and distribution too.

So how many trees does it take to make all those cards?

About 31,200.

Over 30,000 trees are felled, so we can wish someone happy birthday. We think that’s too many.

So we came up with The Greeting Card Recycle Project and designed a pack that gives you everything you need to recycle a minimum of 15 greeting cards.

See it in action


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